Vinyl Siding Installation in Lake Magdalene, FL

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When you are getting new siding, remember that an exterior re-modeler will choose siding that will work with the climate of your area as well as similarly to the houses in your neighborhood.There are a lot of different pros and cons for many, many different types of siding.

Lake-Magdalene-fl-mapWood siding is a little more expensive, and harder to care for than vinyl siding, but will last longer. Fiber cement siding is fire resistant and termite-proof and can last for 50 years or more. This option is usually slightly more expensive. Full service contractors can also talk to you about using different materials on your home, and often provide before and after pictures. Be sure to ask your perspective contractor: are you a full-service provider? How does clean-up work? Will you provide a free inspection and estimate? Offer insurance coverage? Have warranty options? Are you licensed and certified?