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Tampa Siding Repair

siding repairWhen you need siding repair work done, the last thing you need is a contractor to show up and try to sell you on a complete siding replacement job. At Tampa Exteriors we built our reputation for custom quality siding repair work by catering to our client’s needs on a specialized case-by-case basis. We know from our own experience that in most cases, for issues involving damaged siding on a home or commercial building in Tampa, siding repair is a viable option.

In Tampa Siding Repair Makes Good Sense

Why replace all the siding on a building when it’s only a few localized areas, or perhaps one wall that’s more exposed to weather that’s the problem? After all, the rest of your siding may still have years of service life left it. So it should come as no surprise that in Tampa, siding repair is the preferred choice for home and business owners in search of a fast and cost effective option to a complete replacement job.

4 Steps to Premium Results

  • Step #1 is the level of damage needs to be assessed through the eyes of one of our experienced craftsmen to determine what can be saved on a building and what has to go.
  • Step #2 is to remove what needs to come off cleanly, so the new siding goes on with edges that join together smoothly with no obvious defects. Then after the preparation work has been completed and any dry rot or termite damage work done it’s on to the next step.
  • Step #3 is to apply the new underlayment and siding in accordance with manufacturer specifications and building codes, so the repaired area looks smooth and natural.
  • Step #4 on quality siding repair is caulking, and covering with premium grade exterior paint, so it’s sealed up and will stand the test of time, unless it’s vinyl siding that requires no paint.

Our Guarantee is Your Assurance

Backed up by our rock solid guarantee on all work done and an extended warranty on materials, Tampa Exteriors is your go-to connection when what you have in mind is cost effective professional siding repairs, not replacement when it comes time to give your home or building a brand new look. So act now before your siding problems lead to more extensive dry rot issues by filling out our contact form for a free evaluation and no sales pressure estimate.