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Tampa Siding Installation

install-siding_300_200It’s our longstanding reputation for competitive pricing and quality finished results that make us the premier go to source for Tampa siding installation when the job needs to be done right. The siding that covers your home is in many ways just like the skin on the surface of your body; it works to block out all that is bad in the environment, while it protects the inside of your home. Also just like skin, appearances do count for a lot. So today you have more choices than ever in home siding. Choices in service life, which is how long you can count on your siding to last, choices in types and styles and also more range in prices.

Rot and Termite Proof Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a relative newcomer to the industry that’s really caught on with business and homeowners because of its natural wood look and lasting durability. At the same time though, fiber cement siding is more costly and more labor-intensive to install than, say vinyl siding. Then again, unlike vinyl siding that can be installed directly over your existing siding, in most cases fiber cement siding requires that what you currently have on be removed down to the bare studs.

Affordable and Fast Vinyl Siding

It’s not hard to see why so many home and commercial building owners opt for today’s new and improved, quick to install vinyl siding that’s made from reformulated vinyl that resists cracking and stands up better. In the vast majority of cases this type of siding goes right on over existing siding for a brand-new look that lasts for decades, and that never needs to be painted. Vinyl siding also now comes in a wide range of fade resistant colors and with foam insulation backing.

Upstairs Window of HouseEarth Friendly Recyclable Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can go on directly over an existing outer wall without having to take it down to bare studs, and it too, because it’s rot and insect proof can be counted on for an extensive service life. In fact the service lives of newer, improved man-made and composite products are so long now that manufacturer warranties up to, and even exceeding 50 years have become pretty much the norm in the industry.

Aluminum siding also comes in a broad range of colors, styles and with insulated backing

The Classic Beauty of Natural Wood Siding

Classic wood siding is for sure more vulnerable to the elements but there are new products available to help you extend its life. Nothing can perfectly duplicate the look and feel of natural wood, so it will always hold its place in terms of popularity. Even so, no matter what type of siding you go with, the one thing that they all have in common is that proper preparation, a quality underlayment and expert application are the three keys to long-term satisfaction.

Popular Colors for Siding

Selecting the right color of siding that blends harmoniously with your exterior landscape can be challenging. Vinyl-siding is made of hard-wearing PVC, and offered in a broad range of colors that differ by manufacturer.

Vinyl siding is more pliable today. Fading takes longer to appear and scratches are less visible because the color runs throughout the material rather than only on the surface. Various manufacturers offer different hues and most will carry the most well-known colors. These shades are colors that have been around forever and have stood-up to the color test as far as tradition is concerned.

These colors usually fit in with any neighborhood. In addition, most popular vinyl colors work well on a number of house styles. The most popular siding colors are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Off-White
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Brown

In fact, these colors are the most favorable siding colors you will find on houses in most neighborhoods. You can never go wrong with one of the above colors if you plan to enhance the exterior of your home with new siding.


For homeowners who prefer to be somewhat bolder with the color of their siding, a dramatic color will certainly add that extra “wow” factor to their home’s curb appeal. Dramatic siding colors include:

  • Crimson (red)
  • Emerald (green)
  • Azure (blue)
  • Citron (yellow)


If you want to know how your new siding will look without going through the hassle of running out to a home remodeling establishment, you can check online via interactive programs that will help you “see it before you buy it.” If the company installing your siding does not have such a feature, you can always go to larger manufacturers sites like CertainTeed. They have a Colorview program where you can change the color on stock-images to get an idea of how a particular color would look on your home. Norandex also offers a feature on their site. You simply upload a photo of your home and play with the various siding colors that interest you.

TIP: Remember, choosing vinyl-siding for your home is more permanent than painting it. Therefore, use all the tools at your disposable to make certain you are making the right color choice.

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