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Tampa Roof Replacement

roof-replacementThe roof on your home protects your biggest investment, so it’s imperative that when it comes time for roof replacement that the job be done right. In Tampa in particular it’s the extreme weather conditions that make Tampa roof replacement different than it would be in other areas of the country, and here at Tampa Exteriors we know this all too well. So to help our clients fight the good fight against the ravages of the elements we’ve been quick to adapt to and make available all the latest technologies as they have become available over the preceding decades. Amazing new roofing systems technologies like space-age plastic membrane roofing that’s fast making asphalt built-up roofing obsolete.

Flat Roof Replacement Goes High Tech

When it comes time for flat roof replacement there’s now a wide selection of improved, longer-lasting roofing systems that beat out older style asphalt built-up roofing on several levels. Membrane roofing derives its name from the fact that it’s a solid membrane sheet that seamlessly covers the building surface for far better flat roof replacement. Layered asphalt roofing systems may be more affordable, but they also have substantially shorter service lives while membrane roofing systems for flat roof replacement can last up to 50 years and even more. Solid membrane systems also require less maintenance too, so they’re far less prone to leaks as the years go by.

Slate Roof Replacement is Now Earth Friendly

With more builders and homeowners searching for new ways to make the homes that they build and live in more earth friendly, a brighter spotlight is now being focused on slate roof replacement. A slate roof has always been one of the most attractive choices in terms of aesthetics, even if they are a costly investment. But it’s their newfound status as one of the most carbon friendly types of roof choices that you can put on a building makes that an even more desirable option. The fact that slate tiles are a quarried natural stone product has always made them a more earth friendly option, but it’s new developments in man-made, amazingly realistic looking and long-lasting “faux slate” tiles that are produced from recycled car tires that has propelled them to #1 status in this area.

The Classic Look of Tile Roof Replacement

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA tile roof has always been popular, but it was the introduction of modern flat cement tiles that has worked to boost the popularity of tile roof replacement to the level that it is today. They now come in a broad range of colors and styles and now the design possibilities for this type of roof are almost endless. At the same time though, unlike other types of roofing that are available, tile roof replacement does require a higher level of training and experience for the actual installation. Here at Tampa Exteriors our tile installation contractors have the training and experience and this is why all their tile roof replacement jobs carry an ironclad satisfaction guarantee on all work done.

Get the Ball Rolling Now

Given the weather conditions in the area, every day that you put off a needed Tampa roof replacement job is another day that your building may be sustaining  water damage, and in turn driving your final cost up. Now is the time to get the ball rolling by filling out our contact form, so we can set you up with one of our roofing experts for a free, no obligation assessment , consultation, and follow-up itemized labor and materials costs estimate.  Making the right decision on the type and style of roof replacement work that you have done on your home or commercial building is important, but equally important is making the right decision with regards to who you have do the work.