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Average Vinyl Replacement Window Prices in Tampa

Replacing Your Windows with a Better Model

Vinyl windows are the norm in today’s newly constructed houses, and it is no wonder given their versatility. Not only do vinyl windows look great, but they also perform much better than the windows that were installed in houses back in the 1980s or earlier. If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s windows Tampa, one of the questions that you are sure to have revolves around the cost of replacing your windows. While this will depend on the particular windows that you choose for your home, below is a rough guide that will help you budget for the project. Note that you will want to have a respected professional contractor give you an estimate for this job as well before you get too far into your planning.

What Does it Cost to Replace My Windows?

While this is just a rough estimate, you should expect to budget anywhere from $2.80 to $3.80 per square inch to upgrade your windows. To translate this into a final cost, let us assume that you are going to replace a standard window in a bedroom that is 75 inches in area. At this size, a basic vinyl window will cost you around $160, while a deluxe window can cost up to $200. To install the windows, you should budget around $40 to $100. Note that the more windows that a contractor installs will likely help bring this per window cost down since a contractor typically charges you more for small jobs that take them away from larger jobs where they can earn more money.

Tips for Saving Money on New Vinyl Window Installation

As mentioned above, it may be cheaper for you to replace all of the windows in your house at the same time with vinyl due to the savings that you can receive on labor. You may also be able to get a bulk discount on windows, if you commit to replacing multiple windows at the same time. One suggestion that will certainly save you money is to use standard sizes when you are looking to replace your windows. While this may not be possible in an older home, new home buyers can cut down on their costs by choosing a plan that uses commercial, off-the-shelf window designs. Once you begin to get into custom sizes, vinyl window costs can add up in a hurry.

The Choice for Vinyl Window Installation

Whether you are building a home or looking to remodel the home that you currently live in, the choice for all of your vinyl window installation needs Tampa is the professional team at Tampa Exteriors. We have the experience and tools that are required to get you job done in a hurry, and we promise you that your windows will be installed correctly. For beautiful, new vinyl windows, we invite you to pick up the phone today and call Tampa Exteriors at (813) 659-5426 for a free and accurate estimate for the job.

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