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How Much Do Metal Roofs Cost and How Can You Get the Best Price?

The traditional roof you will see on homes in the Tampa area is one made of shingles. The truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a shingled roof. There are other types of roofs that can be be installed though and these roofs may bring something a bit more value to a particular homeowner. Specifically, a metal roof just might be the much better option for homes with concerns over durability. A metal roof, simply put, can be extremely durable. A decent metal roof can last upwards of fifty years. The roofs are also very energy efficient. As a result, they can lower the costs of cooling a home all throughout the warm months and even during through the somewhat rarer colder months the city of Tampa has to endure occasionally.

metal-roof-in-tampaThe costs for having a metal roof installed on a home may seem like quite the investment, but they are not excessively costly when compared to other types of roof installation jobs. As with any other roof installation work, the costs involved with having a metal roof put on a home include paying for the main materials, labor, and various other minor supplies that might be required.

The average roof to a home in Tampa is around 1400 square feet. The following costs are based on that average. A smaller roof will cost less and a larger one will cost more.

Generally, a new metal roof will range in price from about $6,651 to about $7,655 for a basic job. A higher grade metal roof will run between $7,509 and $8,585. For the very high end, high grade metal roofing jobs, the cost is going to be in the $8,429 to $9,545 range. These are, of course, merely estimates. Individual jobs are going go have exact prices quoted based on the work that must be done.

Whether or not the higher end roof is preferred over the basic one is going to be based on individual budget and needs. For those who wish to explore what type of roof would be best and how much it is going to actually cost, calling out offices for a completely free estimate can help with this goal.

Through reviewing a free estimate from a top roof installation company, you can work on getting the best price.

We here at Tampa Exteriors are available to offer totally free, accurate quotes on any metal roof installation work your home requires. Call us during office hours at (813) 659-5426 and we can start the process of getting you that very valuable estimate.

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  1. sarah evanston says:

    I want a metal roof and I am wondering how that affects resale value in our area? I like it and I know many other people do also, but I have heard that some don’t which I personally don’t understand. Also, I just learned from you guys that I really want a skylight, should that be done at the same time as the roof or if I have the skylight done first, will it make it more difficult on the roofers later?

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