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What Is the Average Cost of a New Roof in Tampa?

Keeping your roof in good condition can be a priority as a homeowner. There are a couple of elements involved when determining the average cost of a new roof. There are times when replacing a roof is the only option, and this is when it can be very important to understand how the cost of a new roof is determined.

new-roof-in-tampaThere are some steps that are necessary to replace a roof, and when you understand all of these steps, it will help you to have a better idea of what this type of job costs. The first step in a new roof is removing the old one. The cost of this will determine how many layers are removed to make way for this new roof. If you have a single story home with only one layer that needs to be removed, it will often cost between $100.00 to $150.00 a square to remove this layer, two layers will range between $115.00 to $165.00 a square to remove.

If you have a very steep roof, or a very tall home, you will often pay more for the roof removal process. After the layers of old roof are removed, it will now be time to start installing a new roof.

Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material, and this is also the cheapest fora homeowner. A Tampa, Florida homeowner can expect to pay around $120.00 an d $140.00 per square for an asphalt roof. There are many other choices in materials for a roof, and the cost can range from $300.00 a square to over $1000.00 per square.

There are other options that can help you to save money that you may be interested in exploring. You can choose to place a new roof over the existing one. This can eliminate the need to pay for the removal process, but this will also decrease the life of your roof. The purpose of this new roof is to be completely waterproof. It is important to find out what the price will be for underlay, flashing, vent covers, and gutters. These are necessary elements to fully complete a new roof whether you choose to skip the removal process, or not.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. francis woods says:

    I didn’t realize there was so much to a roof! With all of the materials available, what would you suggest for looks and durability? I have always like the tile roofs but I here they are expensive to repair. Our roof has many different angles and some steep areas which I am sure would add to the cost considerably.

  2. paul says:

    These prices are ridiculous. For 1000 square feet at $100 a square foot you would pay $100,000. Not realistic. Don’t use this company if that is what they quote.

  3. John says:

    The prices in this article do not make any sense! The price of a house is about $100 – $120 per square foot.. How would it make sense to pay more for the roof replacement assuming the house is one-story house?? What this article suggests is the cost of replacing the roof is going to be more than the price of the house??

  4. Not A Fool says:

    If it cost $120-140 a sq ft you’d be better off just buying a new home. Someone got their decimal place in the wrong spot. At $120 a sq ft, it would put a single story 2,000 sq ft home at roughly $240,000 to replace the roof. Obviously a 2,000 sq ft home likely has a pitched roof so there would actually be greater square footage on the roof. Now add in the square footage over your 2-car garage and the estimate just got higher. Plus removal for $100 to $175 a square foot, or square inch in the case of a triple layer roof. This article is not helpful.

  5. Frank Tansky says:

    Do you mean $100 per SQARE to remove 1 layer of ashphalt singles to demo for installing a new roof, and not a square foot? In roofing isn’t a Square equal to a 10ft x 10ft section of roof, or 100 square ft? If a small ( say 1000sqft of living area) A-frame beach cottage, with no hips, valleys or dormers, was say 10 Square, isn’t that 1000sqft? If it was $100 per square ft to demo only, 1000sqft x $100 per soft would be $100,000.00 dollars for demo,,,, am I right? I think you should revise your introduction to roofing. You also stated removing a triple layer roof would cost between $125 to $175 per SQUARE INCH to remove. There is a big difference between a square of roofing, and a square foot of living area. I was looking at some websites to price out a metal roof and I happened upon your website. I’d hate for you to be losing customers for an honest mistake explaining how roofs are priced.

  6. Dave says:

    Utterly ridiculous numbers.

    So f or a small 900 square foot home (meaning the roof is also around 900 square feet)

    Single Layer Removal at $100-150 per square foot would be $90,000 – $135,000

    Single layer replacement at $120-140 would be $108,000 – $126,000

    So, according to this idiotic article, replacing the roof on my very small 900 square foot home would be $198,000 – $261,000.

    Better check your numbers.

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