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Double Hung Window Installation and Replacement Costs?

double-hung-windows-tampaIn this economy, anything you can do to improve your home to be more cost efficient is a good idea. People go to great lengths to make sure that their home is winterized and to make sure that appliances are off or the newest and most cost effective they can buy. Insulating the walls, ceilings and floors, around pipes and heating ducts will save you a fortune with your heating and air bill, but the biggest cost savings that you can hope for is to replace your old windows in your home. If you do not have double hung, exterior windows throughout your home, you are throwing dollar bills out in your yard.

Replacing windows in an existing home is not the easiest task and you will need to see the help of experts to do the job efficiently. Generally, replacement windows can cost anywhere from $350.00- $470.00 per window. The price per window usually includes the window, delivery, preparing the site and taking out the old window, as well as, clean up and disposal. The estimate is based on trends in the Tampa and surrounding areas, national average for labor and materials. This estimate does not generally cover the sales tax, costs for permits, or the general contractor fees. It is best to have a general contractor to oversee the job and make sure that everything is done correctly and to code, a general contractor can charge anywhere from 12.1% to 19.3% above the total cost of the bill, but they are your security that the job is getting done right and are very important for you to have.

Florida has weather that can sneak up on you and be brutal. You need to be prepared for the worst and the experts at Tampa Exteriors know windows. They know what works and what does not. The helpful people at Tampa Exteriors will give you personalized service to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Keeping weather out is very important in Florida and if you are in the market for new windows, you need to consult the best before you go any further.

Things have changed so much over the years where windows are concerned and Tampa Exteriors have expertly stayed ahead of the curve with innovations and functionality when installing the best windows possible. They are willing to help you work within your budget and can explain to you every detail of how each window will perform during storm season, as well as, during the hot months when you have to run your air around the clock. Technology is not lost on the professionals at Tampa Exteriors and even though everyone wants the best and the most expensive, they can help you with the newest technology at amazing prices.

Because Tampa Exteriors is a company that is independently owned, they can offer you a service that the big chain people can’t, personalized service that caters to your needs. They have an extensive history in the community and offer a quality to each job that is not often found these days. Everyone works off a budget and Tampa Exteriors understands that meeting or beating your budget is very important and will strive to do what they can to satisfy the job without going over budget.

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  1. Eugenia says:

    If you are prepare to spend that king of money and invest on replacing your windows , it is a good idea to get it done properly and make sure that the company or a person installing these windows know what they are doing, great reviews about Tampa Exteriors best to check them out if their servise is available near where you live.

  2. efpierce says:

    I am looking for an energy efficient window with a tint that changes with the directness of the sun. Does anyone make such a window and what kind of price point would I be looking at? I know they would be rather expensive, but I still want something like that on two sides of our home.

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