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How To Get the Best Price on Your Next Home Remodel

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home, both in terms of reselling and in personal enjoyment, is to do a remodel of some sort. These can include anything as simple as changing aspects of a single room or redoing large portions of the entire house. Regardless, even small changes and updates can increase how much your home is worth by thousands of dollars as well as help you enjoy it more.

That being said, it’s also an investment and coming up with the capital to do something like install a new floor or put in new bathroom fixtures isn’t always easy. It may increase the value of your home, but it requires quite a bit of liquid cash in order to make happen. Fortunately, there are tricks that you can do to make sure that that initial outlay is as little as possible. Here are just a few tips.

1. Get Multiple Bids – If you’re looking for contractors to do the remodel for you, then you want to make sure that you shop around. Speaking to several different area contractors is a great way to make sure that you’re not only getting the best price from the people who are going to be doing the work, it’s also an opportunity to negotiate among them for a better price. Make sure that you get all of the estimates in writing so that you can show the people you’re speaking to what sorts of prices others are willing to give and try to talk them down.

Further, by showing the written estimates to other contractors, you can more easily find out the flaws in the proposals of others. If, upon showing an estimate to three other people, all of whom say that it calls for the use of a brand that is known for rapid disintegration, then you can be pretty sure that that’s a bad estimate. Getting multiple bids is about more than just seeing who will do the job the cheapest, it’s also about quality control.

2. Do Some of the Work Yourself – It can be frightening to do your own home improvements and remodels, but in most cases it isn’t that hard to do. A lot of people are prevented from even attempting by the sheer scale of the project and the idea that their lack of experience could ruin something beyond repair, but the truth is that very little that could go wrong with a home cannot be fixed and most remodels are fairly easy.

The first thing you want to do is engage in some serious research. Figure out what you want to do, shop for the parts, watch videos and read articles online, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially at the hardware store where they are trained to be able to help you in your projects. Once you have an idea of what you will need, start searching both in person and online for the best price on all of the pieces that you’ve identified. Be sure to factor in shipping.

Another great idea, especially for larger projects, is to ask friends and family to help you out. They’ll generally work for free or cheap and it provides a great experience to share.

3. Shop for Your Own Material and Hire Sub-Contractors – General contractors can be helpful for a lot of things, but often it’s easier and cheaper to cut out the middle man and simply hire your own sub-contractors. If you have a job that will require extensive electrical work, hire your own electrician. If you need help with pipes, then there are plenty of plumbers to choose from who would be willing to take a job like that. If you only want exteriors done, find an exterior remodeling company.

By hiring your own people, you are saving money that would have gone to the general contractor in order to do the same thing. Similarly, by buying your own materials, you save on the time and effort of other contractors that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Doing a home remodel is not that difficult in most cases, and it shouldn’t have to break the bank. If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, you could have the home you want and not have to pay an exorbitant price for it.

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  1. Brad T. says:

    I’ve been considering remodeling my home soon, but I don’t know where to even begin. My wife doesn’t help as we both want different things. Anyways, great article as always. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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