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What is composite decking and how is it different from regular wood?

Composite decking is an amazing product that drastically cuts down on the maintenance and upkeep of a standard wood deck. Composite decking boards are made of wood fiber and plastic with additives mixed in to protect the boards from the sun’s UV rays and to stabilize the material. Composite wood is a very environmentally friendly choice. Composite boards are often made from recycled materials and since they are so durable, they will not need to be replaced as often as regular wood decking would.


Decking made from regular wood requires extensive maintenance. Wood must be stained or sealed regularly to maintain its looks and durability. Composite wood requires virtually no upkeep and maintains its good looks for multiple years.

One of the most often heard accolades of composite decking is the fact that it is not affected by moisture. Composite boards do not shrink or swell. Real wood is prone to cracking and warping from moisture, causing decks to become unsafe and unsightly. Building a deck with composite wood provides homeowners with a sense of comfort that friends and family will be able to enjoy their beautiful new deck for years to come.

Another positive attribute to composite decking is the fact that it is insect repellent. Homeowners who have battled wasp nests or termites in their wood decks can breathe a sigh of relief with a composite deck. It is virtually impervious to the elements, changes in weather and damaging insects.

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