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Why You Should Install Gutter Guard?

gutter-guardGutters are an essential component to protect the house. The system drains away runoff and rainwater from the home that would otherwise collect in the crawlspace or around its foundation. Excessive water around the foundation is a genuine concern. When the gutter system functions poorly, or not at all, it can cause serious damage and other significant problems to the home.

Safely and efficiently moving rooftop water away from the home can prevent damage to the concrete foundation and landscaping. In fact, water-related issues around the house tend to be the most devastating problem every homeowner faces. In very wet regions, including Florida, the entire gutter system needs to work properly year-round.

Overgrown bushes, tall trees and flying debris can easily make way in to the gutter system without a gutter guard. Clogged gutter systems can create serious problems including an improper roof pitch, broken fasteners, gutter corrosion, and a separation of all of the connectors where the downspout and gutter system attaches to the home’s fascia boards.

Installing gutter guards

There are significant benefits to installing gutter guards on the home. In fact, the guards help the homeowner avoid the need to stand on ladders, or walk across the roof system a few times every year to unblock the gutter system, or pay someone to do it. Additionally, installing a gutter guard dramatically reduces the amount of maintenance required on the system. It not only saves time and money, but also provides a whole host of significant benefits that include:

• Stops Leaves and Debris – A properly installed gutter guard eliminates the buildup of debris and leaves that clog the gutter system. Because of that, the homeowner avoids the necessity to clean out the gutter and downspout, or hire a professional company to perform the work.

• Minimizes Cleaning and Maintenance – When gutter guards are not installed, the drainage system needs cleaning and maintenance at least twice every year. With gutter guards in place, the system requires cleaning only every 4 to 5 years.

• Avoids Premature Rusting – Rusting of the gutter system is often the result of moisture-laden leaves and debris densely packed in the drains. The gutter guard eliminates premature rusting.

• Stops Blockages – Because gutter guard as efficient at stopping blockages, it allows the gutter system to operate properly. This avoids dangerous overflowing that can cause significant damage to the foundation of the house.

• Improves Drainage – Because gutter guards eliminate the buildup of debris and leaves in the system, it improves the drainage during heavy downpours. Improved drainage around the home minimizes the potential of any damage to the foundation and/or crawlspace.

• Provides a Physical Barrier – A gutter guard system provides a physical barrier to stop critters and insects including mice, rodents, birds, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches from sheltering and breeding in the system.

• Roof Protection – The installation of a gutter guard system helps provide protection to the roofing system. This is because excess standing water as a result of built up debris and leaves can cause erosion of the roofing system, and damage the fascia board. In addition, the guards help to eliminate rotting roof timbers that can eventually cause leaks into the home.

Fits Any Style of Roof

Effective gutter guard systems are designed specifically to fit any style of roof including flat slate-like tile, raised tile, flat roofs, metal roofs, corrugated materials and shingles. The guard system can be measured and cut for a perfect fit. Proper installation maximizes the protection of the home. The system works ideally on all types of roof pitches from shallow to steep.

Gutter cleaning can be hard dirty work. In addition, nearly every type of cleaning method can be potentially dangerous when standing on the roof or wobbly ladders. Alternatively, covering the gutters with guards avoids the potential risks involved in climbing and standing on ladders, and moving them around the home. Gutter guards can save you the potential of falling while attempting to protect the house against water damaging the foundation.

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