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A Look At Florida Bay Windows

There is nothing that can replace the warm glow of natural sunlight in a home. Many older homes were built with limited windows, and this can create a closed off and rather dark ambiance in a room. If you have been thinking about making an improvement to your home, upgrading the windows with gorgeous Florida bay windows may be an ideal solution. In fact, these windows can be installed with beautiful results in many rooms of the home.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen maybe one of the last places that you may think about installing a Florida bay window, but this may be an area where the results can be most enjoyed. This is a room that is often darker than other rooms in the home simply because so much of the wall space is covered by cabinets rather than windows. However, you can install a large bay window near the kitchen sink. This can provide extra cabinet space as well as additional light from a larger window with multiple angles. The results of this simple addition to your space can be astounding.

In The Living Room

A large bay window can also transform the look of your living room while providing additional functional space. Consider how the addition of a Florida bay window with a window seat feature can be used in your home. The window seat can be used as a separate alcove for reading or relaxing, or it can be used for additional seating around the main area of the living room. Under the seating area, you may install a hidden storage area that can also create additional function. The large windows can add style through their look as well as ambiance through the addition of sunlight.

In The Bedroom

Another idea is to install a large Florida bay window in the bedroom. This can be installed to replace an existing window or on a solid wall that currently lacks a window. Consider creating an additional alcove to the room to add new dimensions to the room. This may not add additional square footage to the space, but the added dimension of the alcove can create the look of more space. Furthermore, it can add a seating area in a room that may not have much space for seating right now. This can be used for relaxation or for seating while holding a casual conversation. Just as the area under the seating area can be used for storage in a living room, the same holds true for this space in a bedroom.

Florida bay windows can truly enhance the look of a home in a number of ways. A bay window is often viewed as an enhanced or upgraded feature because it does provide aesthetic and functional benefits. If you have been thinking about a way to add more natural sunlight to a room while also enhancing the look of a room with functional features, the addition of a new Florida bay window may be a great idea to consider.

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  1. Stephanie Goss says:

    I have always wanted a bay window in my home, and I can finally now afford to do so. Florida bay windows are really beautiful style windows that I will be investing in soon.

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